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The shelter dog & deaf dog photo book project

Posted Mar 15 09 4:29pm

 Today was all about Archie and Lydia…and countless other dogs. They spent the afternoon with Melissa McDaniel, a very talented and generous pet photographer.  She came to the house today to take pictures of both my dogs for a her book about rescue dogs.

As part of the Photo Book Projects, Melissa is traveling the US and Canada taking pictures of dogs who are in shelters or rescue groups, or former rescues who now have loving, forever homes. Melissa’s own dog, Sadie, is from a shelter, but she’s also deaf. Because of her experience with Sadie, and after volunteering at her local SPCA, Melissa wanted to do something to help shelter dogs and deaf dogs. After giving it some thought, she came up with the idea of traveling the country and taking photos of pets for two books; one about shelter dogs, and one about deaf dogs. Her goal is to bring awareness to the fact that there are many wonderful pets in need of homes. She wants people to know dogs from shelters aren’t “damaged goods.” Many of them are there because their people move and can’t or won’t take their pets, their homes are foreclosed on, or other reasons that have nothing to do with the dog.

archie_dec05.jpg She started her trip just a few weeks ago and has already been to Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. After Austin, she’ll be on her way to El Paso, Texas and then on to Colorado and possibly New Mexico.

At each stop on the tour Melissa is also making appointments to take photos for anyone who’d like some great photos of their pets. She invites pet businesses to contact her about hosting a photo day at their place of business. You can also pre-order the books, which Melissa hopes to have out by the end of the year. A portion of the sales will go to rescue groups, and in fact, rescue groups and shelters can raise money for their groups through sales. See her website for more info.

You can find out where Melissa is going to be by following her blog or joining her facebook page.

Thanks for including my guys, Melissa! I can’t wait to see the books - I know they’re going to be beautiful.

About the photos: Those aren’t Melissa’s photos. I took the one of Archie, but the one of Lydia was taken when she was in the shelter, a couple days before I adopted her.

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Last Updated: Wednesday, January 14, 2009, 12:37

Campaign to support abandoned dogs begins

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A campaign to encourage adoption of unwanted dogs and raise funds for rescue centres was unveiled today.

Irish rugby star Gordon D'arcy has teamed up with the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and petfood manufacturer Pedigree to front the campaign, which is aiming to raise awareness of the plight of stray and abandoned dogs in Ireland. 

In 2007, 15,587 dogs were surrendered, with only 8,721 rehomed. An average of 67 dogs are abandoned each day in Ireland, with 43 dogs put to sleep every day, according to statistics from the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government. 

The Pedigree Adoption Drive, which runs until the end of March, will donate money from the sales of Pedigree products to rescue shelters around the country. 

"The money raised in 2008 went a long way for us, and other animal rescue centres nationwide, to re-home hundreds of dogs throughout the country. With thousands more needing our help again this year, the Pedigree Adoption Drive gives hope to so many abandoned and homeless dogs and raises awareness of responsible dog ownership,” said chief executive of the Irish Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA) Mark Beazley said 

Last year, the campaign raised €100,000, and is hoping to match that amount in 2009. 

Those who cannot adopt a dog are being encouraged to pledge their support to the scheme by signing up on the website.

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<SBS동물농장 애견각막이식 잔잔한 반향>

연합뉴스 | 기사입력 2009.01.12 17:56

(서울=연합뉴스) 윤고은 기자 = SBS 'TV 동물농장'이 11일 방송한 애견 각막이식 수술 내용이 잔잔한 반향을 불러일으키고 있다. 

12일 'TV 동물농장'의 게시판에는 전날 방송을 보고 감동을 받았다는 시청자들의 의견이 속속 올라오고 있다. 

"각막이식 정말 대단합니다. 베푼 사랑이 언젠가는 꼭 다시 돌아올거라 믿어요"(아이디 brianjii), "하루종일 마음이 안 좋았습니다. 샌디 생각에. 샌디를 오래 기억하겠습니다"(qhrmfl), "빛을 못보는 아이에게 새로운 세상을 선물해준 샌디와 샌디 부모님께 애견인의 한사람으로서 감사하고 싶네요"(bluejunta) 등 시청자들은 국내 최초로 진행된 반려견의 각막이식 수술에 대한 감동을 전했다. 

'TV 동물농장'은 이날 방송에서 암으로 죽어가고 있는 골든 리트리버 샌디가 사고로 실명 위기에 놓은 두 마리의 개에게 각막을 이식하고 세상을 떠나는 과정을 보여줬다. 

이에 앞서 제작진은 "애견의 각막이식은 국내에서 처음으로 진행됐다"며 "샌디의 주인인 노부부는 원래 기르던 개를 실명으로 먼저 떠나보낸 기억을 되새기며 샌디의 각막을 기증하기로 결정했다"고 밝혔다. 

연출을 맡은 이덕건 PD는 연합뉴스와의 전화통화에서 "방송 이후 동물의 장기 이식에 대해 생각해보게됐다는 반응이 많이 오고 있고 수술에 관계한 수의사 분들에게도 격려와 문의전화가 많이 오고 있다"면서 "무엇보다 동물의 장기 이식도 가능하다는 것을 알렸다는 점에 의의를 둔다"고 밝혔다. 

제작진은 각막을 이식받은 두 마리 개의 경과를 지켜보며 후속 방송을 준비 중이다. 
이 PD는 "수술은 지난 2일과 8일에 걸쳐 진행됐고 2~3주 정도 지나야 시력이 완전히 회복됐는지 여부를 알 수 있다"면서 "국내에서 첫 시도된 수술이라 관련 데이터가 없어 의료진과 제작진 모두 예의 주시하고 있는 상태"라고 전했다. 
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Neil Morrissey and Tiggy lead the adopt-a-dog campaign walk

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